Happy Easter

As I'm not religious, Easter for me means creme eggs in multi packs in the supermarket.

This design was suggested to me by a colleague at work who had seen it on the facebook page of a local nail bar. You can see the design here: https://www.facebook.com/279377018743419/photos/pb.279377018743419.-2207520000.1398016565./832146996799749/?type=3&theater.

This is my version of the Creme Egg splat design.

Details after the jump.
The base colour for this design was OPI Purple with a Purpose.  Next I added some white acrylic paint on half of each nail and then painted red acrylic paint on top to get the bright colour.  The silver line down the middle was painted with a Nailene FX silver striper brush.  Everything is topped off with a big yellow splat of NYC Lexington Yellow.

It's not the greatest picture of the design, but I'm blaming the sun (just not used to seeing it around here).  I hope to be back with another design very soon.


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