40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Halloween

I'm a little late with this one, but I've been away.  As my son is currently in the Haematology ward my inspiration for Halloween was vampires and in particular the classic black and white horror film Nosferatu.

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To get the benefit of the fantastic colours of red and blue polishes this picture had to be taken in bright sunlight.  The red is Butter London Knees Up and the dark blue is China Glaze Up All Night. The creepy stripe effect was created by painting half of each nail red and half blue.  Taking a nail art brush cover in polish and drawing the stripe over the opposite colour.  I did the blue stripes first then red stripes on each nail, starting at the middle where the polishes joined each time.  This merges the join between the polishes and creates this great look.

I started on my thumb nail with two coats of OPI Its Totally Fort Worth It.  I dry brushed a bit of China Glaze Out Like a Light over the tip.  Next I used a fine nail art brush and black acrylic paint to paint on Nosferatu's shadow.  To help shape the design and cover up where my hands were shaking I used a small dotting tool and China Glaze I'd Melt For You to tidy up the edges around the figure.  While this was wet I used the dotting tool and Its Totally Fort Worth It to go over the brighter silver polish and tone it down a bit.  This created a subtle lighting effect behind the figure and added to the overall effect.  Although the figure is not as accurate to the original picture as I would have liked I am pretty pleased with my effort (and as I said this is a shadow not a silhouette it is allowed to be a little distorted).

Everything was covered in China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat to seal the deal.

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