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This is a page for those of you that want to know a bit more about the person behind the nails.

The 'Ask a British Nail Blogger' post I did on my oldest polish (Click here) has proved to be quite popular and gives an insight into what led me to start the blog but it doesn't cover the basic details about me.  Plus, I have a tendency to ramble so didn't think I could fit the information into the little profile section.

I'm a nearly 40 year old woman who lives in the North East of Scotland.  I work in tech support.  I'm not really an IT person  but I've got the kind of mind that can work out where information is stored, how to make applications tell you what you want to know and teach other people how to do it too.  While I like my job and the people I work with there isn't really an outlet for my artistic side.  This is where the nail art comes in.

I've never studied art properly.  I did the standard (in Scotland in the late 1980s) 2 years of art classes in secondary school and got to try out quite a few different techniques.  I always enjoyed art but I wasn't really good enough to pursue it as a career and I took a reeeaaaalllly long time to finish things.  I would classify myself as an enthusiastic amateur who needs a LOT more practice.

My lack of speed is down to the co-ordination disorder dyspraxia.  While this doesn't necessarily mean I can't do things, it does mean I can't really do them quickly no matter how much I practice. While in most people performing an action involves the brain sending a message to the muscle and the action happening.  With me the message gets to the muscle and it seems like the muscle sends back a message to the brain to say "are you sure you want to do that?"  The brain responds with "Yes I'm sure, now move!", so it takes twice as long to get anything done.  Sometimes the messages get scrambled in transit and that's when I trip over or drop things.  Stairs and carrying drinks/trays have always been particularly difficult.  Getting messages to one limb is difficult enough but two limbs at the same time always seems to be a bit of a struggle.

This however, is not an insurmountable obstacle and I hope to one day work as a nail technician. hope to train at the local college but it depends when they have space on the course as to whether or not I get to train this year or next.some time in the future when work and life pressures finally give me a bit of breathing space.  I love working with colour and creating designs, so this would be the main focus for me after basic nail tech training.  I'm not your typical Beauty Therapy student or even a "girly girl" so this is all a bit daunting for me but I'm not one to back away from a challenge.

Away from work and nail polish I'm a single mum to a 22 year old son.  He has High Functioning Autism/Asperger's Syndrome so will probably be living with me for the foreseeable future. This has caused its ups and downs over the past 20+ years but we get along really well and have a shared passion for the same kind of music (rock/punk).  I think the music has helped us through lots of different situations when the traditional methods of help and support were not available.  We have certainly made lots of new friends over the years from internet forums and going to concerts at the other side of the country.

To add to his issues in September 2015 my son was diagnosed with Adult Acute Myeloid Leukemia. This meant a lengthy stay in hospital a long way from home and intensive chemotherapy.  He is now in remission, but the treatment isn't over and there will be further rounds of chemotherapy to go through over the next few months.  Being such a lovely, kind, polite and gentle person, he has charmed all the hospital staff and he has a lot of people rooting for him to get through this.  Things are looking positive right now, but there is still a long way to go.

Phew!  Right, end of essay.  Hope you found this interesting and if there is anything you want to know please ask in the comments section below.


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