Tri-Polish Challenge Day 2

As Saturday 20 April is International Independent Record Store Day I thought I would do something on this theme for the challenge.  Music is a lifelong obsession for me and while I'm a sucker for cheap online deals and easy to store downloads, there is something nice about still being able to go into a shop and browse the racks of CDs and discover new music.  Some major artists have even created special releases just to be sold in independent stores for this event and more information can be found here:


I have only used Rimmel Sky High and NYC Faithful Fuchsia for this look.  I stamped with Barry M Silver Foil and Konad black polish.  The stamp on my thumb is from Cheeky plate CH51 and the discs on my index and ring fingers are from Cheeky plate CH48 with a little bit of black polish added with a dotting tool to may them look more like CDs.  The black bars on my middle and little fingers are from Gals plate GA42.

I've managed to get myself a nasty case of sinusitis so this was a bit rushed.  Hopefully I'll have more time over the weekend to work on the more creative look I have in mind for next week.

Please take some time to check out some of the other participants in this challenge:


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