33 Day Challenge - Pattern in your Wardobe

I have a love/hate affair with shoes.  I see lots of lovely shoes in the shops but as I have such little feet it is difficult to get anything that fits properly.  As for heels, anything over 2 1/2 inches is out of the question.  When I find something that fits and looks good I tend to go overboard.  I have these shoes by Ruby Shoo in grey and black too.

More details after the jump.

I didn't quite have a colour match for the shoes but the closest I could get at the time was Barry M Lychee.  I've since bought Barry M Vanilla which is slightly closer.  The border is painted in white acrylic paint with Barry M Blood Orange and Barry M Bright Red for the flower petals.  The flower centre is Collection Aztec Gold.

To see what the other bloggers have in their wardrobes click on a link below:


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