33 Day Challenge - South America

As I've been unwell for the past couple of months I've not had time to edit and upload all my manis for the 33 Day Challenge so I shall be posting quite a lot in the next few days to get them all online.

Not one to do things in order I'm going back even further in the challenge and finally posting my South American inspired mani.  I tried to evoke the bright colours and excitement of the Mardi Gras in Rio with this look.

More details after the jump.

This is very much a Barry M fest as far as polishes are concerned.  The base is the Gold Limited Edition that was released in Boots last Christmas.  This is a lovely light sparkly gold, but it did cause a bit of glare with the camera flash.
The bright flashes of colour are all Barry M:

Blue - Cyan Blue
Green - Superdrug Limited Edition 2013 B
Yellow - Boots Limited Edition 2013 B
Pink - Superdrug Limited Edition 2013 A
Orange - Gelly Mango

For the final carnival feel I stamped over the top of the colour with Barry M Gold Foil and Pueen 47.

To see what the other bloggers created for this theme click on a link below:


  1. These look so cheerful! I love the combination of bright colors and silver. So sad to hear you've been unwell, looking forward to more nails from you :)


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