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On 24 January I went along to a screening of an independent British film called Emulsion (  It's a very stylish film noir with a fantastic twist at the end and I left feeling inspired.

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Smoke, film, the red scarf and the brown trilby hat are all important to the film and I thought they would make great images for nail art.

I started with a base of Orly Liquid Vinyl and covered this with M&S Top Shine.  Next, working on one nail at a time I added small blobs of Barry M Matt White and removed most of the polish with a small brush dipped in polish remover to create the smoke in the background (inspired by Chalkboard Nails Black and White Midnight Smoke Nail Art).  I covered this with a coat of Nina Super Dry Top Coat to smooth out the polish and complete the effect.

Once that layer had dried I painted on the red scarf and brown hat with acrylic paint.  Next I added a thick stripe of Barry M Boots Limited Edition 2012 A Gold.  Next I used a Claire's black nail art striper brush to draw on the film cells and a very small dotting tool and the white paint from a Claire's nail art pen/brush to add in the dots along the side of the film.  Everything was covered in a coat of Nina Super Dry Top Coat to finish off.

This was fine until I came to take pictures and my thumb nail was too dark and shiny to see any detail.  To make the detail visible I added a coat of Essie Matte About You to remove the shine.

Emulsion is a David Lynch inspired film that is definitely for adults and screenings are limited.  However if it sounds like your kind of thing I would recommend making the effort to see it.


  1. These are lovely wish I took more time on my nails

    Carrieanne x


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