Lacquer Legion - Reinvention

This theme had me a bit puzzled but I while watching tv I was struck with an idea.  This is less about me reinventing a design and more about where I am at in my life.  I'm reinventing myself from the 80s, back when I had time to think about make up and nail polish.  In this vein I thought bright colours and bold print and came up with a tiger stripe design over a bright yellow (very 80s).

More details after the jump.
I started with a base of NYC Lexington Yellow and covered with a coat of M&S Top Shine.  Next I painted on the tiger stripes with a fine detail brush and acrylic paint.  This was covered in another coat of M&S Top Shine to seal in the design.

Lots of other bloggers are taking part in this challenge too so look out for #LLReinvention across the blogging sites, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.


  1. Wow, I love the bright and bold print. Great job! ♥

  2. I agree, very 80's but I love it!
    You've been tagged for a Liebster award in my last blog post :)

  3. I've tagged you in the TMI Tag only if you want to, click here for the questions xx


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