MSMD Monday - Dotty Rainbow

Lots of posts to upload this week after a quite week away!

For Monkey See Monkey Do Monday I have attempted the dotty rainbow from Robin Moses  Many of my MSMD Monday posts have and will be inspired by this amazing artist.  Her explanations of how to apply pressure when painting various shapes has really helped me get to grips with painting on nails with acrylic paint and added a whole new dimension to my nail art.

I had a quick practice on a tip to get the technique down.

More details after the break.

This look gave me a chance to use lots of  polish.  The base is Barry M Cyan Blue and the dots are Barry M Bright Red with Barry M Red Glitter, Collection Bright Lights, Barry M Lemon Ice Cream, Barry M Spring Green, China Glaze Frostbite, Collection Go Retro!.

When it came to painting this on my own nails I also added Barry M Red Glitter at the top and Barry M Magenta Glitter at the bottom.

The dots came out slightly larger on my natural nails so I will use a smaller dotting tool next time.  I also think it would benefit from a hint of gold across the centre.  The sparkle doesn't really show up in the picture but it looked really good in sunlight and kept catching my eye all through the day.

Edit: I just thought I would add the trick to getting this look to really pop seems to be leaving the yellow dots to last.  The yellow seems to pull it all together but gets lost if applied too early.

To see what the other Crumpet Nail Tarts have been up to this week click on the pictures below:


  1. this is really cool! I'll have to check out her youtube. :)

    1. I can't recommend Robin Moses enough. The videos are fun as well as informative and this was probably one of the simplest designs. There are well over 900 videos to choose from too.

  2. I would love to try these :) ..very beautiful!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. Thought I needed to add something a bit more colourful to the blog.


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