June Tri Polish Challenge Day 1

Its that time of the month again where The Crumpet's Nail Tarts are given 3 colours and have to choose a polish to represent each colour.  These three polishes are then used to create 4 different manis with the help of only black, white, silver and gold polish and one of these mani must contain all three polishes together.

Here is Day 1

Further details after the break.

My chosen polishes for this month are:

Red - OPI - Quarter of a Cent-Cherry
Pink - OPI - Suzi & The Lifeguard
Purple - Barry M - Gelly - Prickly Pear

As I had to go away to a training course for a few days I took my chosen polishes for June and a few essentials with me.  As such the first two days of the tri polish challenge are fairly simple as they were something I could achieve with only my basic travel nail art kit.  My travel kit as well as containing polishes had a dotting tool, masking tape and scissors.  I might do a future post on my travel kit, it has come in quite handy on a few occasions and I often surprise myself just how versatile it can be with a bit of forward planning.

I have created my mani for day 1 using a base of two coats of Prickly Pear covered with triangles of masking tape and painted with two coats of Suzi & The Lifeguard over the top.  To add a bit more interest after removing the masking tape I added a bit of silver sparkle to the centre with Nailene Stripe FX in silver.

To finish off I tried a new fast dry top coat Nina Super Dry Topcoat.  It has a double brush which makes floating top coat over a design so much easier as it covers a larger area in one go and it is dry after 10 minutes.  I picked this up in Sally's for £3.95 plus VAT which I think is pretty reasonable.  While I managed a different mani for each day of the three day training course, I kept the final look on my nails for five days and it survived without chipping.  All in all I'm really impressed with this new top coat and may try a few more polishes from the Nina range as they have some really great colours too.

To see what the other girls have come up with for day 1 click on a picture below:


  1. Such a lovely idea :) ..love these!

  2. Very nice! I love that purple! :D

  3. I like this a lot! It reminds me a little of tie dye!

    Good tip on the TC - I'll look out for that in Sally's!


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