Armed Forces Day Nails

Today sees the start of a week of events to celebrate the armed forces in the UK.  With Army and Royal Airforce bases locally the military make a huge contribution to the area.  To show my support in my own little way I have created a mani to represent the British military.

More details after the break...
This was created with a mixture of polishes and acrylic paint.

The base for my thumb a little finger was Barry M Spring Green and the poppy field effect was created using green and red acrylic paint.

When I first suggested this idea to my Mum she said "you know the British Army emblem is a lion rampant over cross swords above a crown"  I nodded and said "that's nice".  I obviously only have small nails so I had to be quite selective about what I chose to represent each force.  My skills don't quite stretch to teeny tiny lions at the moment!  This is what I came up with.

Index finger - Army - Crossed swords - Barry M Green Emerald base, gold and red acrylic paint and Barry M black nail art pen for the outline.

Middle finger - Navy - Anchor - China Glaze Frostbite base, Barry M silver nail art pen and Barry M black nail art pen for the outline.

Ring finger - Airforce - Eagle - Barry M Cobalt Blue base, Gold acrylic paint, Barry M black nail art pen for the outline.

I hope you like this idea.  It was certainly a lot of fun to put together.


  1. These nails are really nice! :) I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!


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