Nails for Woolich - Help for Heroes

Kerrie in the British Nail Bloggers Facebook group suggested we do nails to show some support for the colleagues, friends and family of Lee Rigby, a serving British soldier who was brutally murdered on the streets of Woolich.  I come from a military family and live in an area that has a lot of military personnel so I was all for getting involved.

However I would just like to add this act would appear to be the work of some very disturbed individuals and I would in no way condone the wholesale condemnation of certain ethnic groups which has occurred since this horrific event.   Lee was wearing a Help for Heroes shirt ( when he was attacked and this has proved to be a constructive focus to show some respect.  This is a great organisation that raises money to help wounded military personnel.
More details after the break.

These nails were created with polish and acrylic paint.  The dark blue is Barry M Cobalt Blue, the red stripe is Barry M Bright Red and the light blue is Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream.  The gold dots were painted with Folk Art Pure Gold 660 acrylic paint.

The accent nail was created with a base of Barry M Gelly Key Lime and covered in various shades of green acrylic paint to create a camouflage effect and the red poppy and centre detail was also painted with acrylic paint.

I actually had another look planned for this but decided it would be better for Armed Forces Day which is in 3 weeks time. So you'll get to see that one in a little while.

To see the great nails the other girls in the group have created click on the names below:


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