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I had great plans for this return to blogging by starting a new nail art challenge.  I still intend to take part in the challenge but sometimes life goes and throws a big spanner in the works.  At the beginning of September my son was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with Adult Acute Myeloid Leukaemia or AML for short.

He is still in hospital after having his first cycle of chemotherapy which lasted for 10 days! This means at the moment my hobby is hospital visiting (the hospital is 60 miles from home). As I don't like driving into the city (Google Haudagain Roundabout to find out why) and there is very limited parking I am taking the bus to the hospital which takes just over 2 hours.

More details after the jump.

The base on the little finger is Rimmel White Hot Love with the cross painted in acrylic paint.

The base on the other fingers is Barry M Road Rage.  The bus is painted with acrylic paint and the stripes on my thumb nail are NYC Chelsea Cherry (red) and Ciate Skinny Jeans (dark blue).  These are the colours for the Teenage Cancer Trust, They are supplying funding for my son to get a real hair wig to replace his shoulder length blonde curly hair which is now rapidly falling out and will be gone completely very soon.  I dare say Macmillan, CLAN and Maggie's, who are other Cancer support charities that have helped us will feature at some point along this challenge as well.

The outlook for my son is good, as he is young and the cancer has been caught early.  I hope this new nail art challenge will at least give me something to distract myself with on the long bus rides too.  My sketch book and colouring pencils go everywhere with me.  If we are lucky the worst bit is over and everything will get more positive going forward.

Please take some time to check out the fantastic looks the other bloggers have created for this theme:


  1. best of luck to your son!! Hope he is home and well again soon xx

    1. Thanks Debbie. I can't wait until he's well enough to come home.

  2. Life is hard sometimes but stay strong and have faith. I am glad you are taking part in challenge it will certainly feel you better. My prayers and best wishes. You have lovely nailart skills :)


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