40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Teal

The prompt for this week is Teal.  For all the colour weeks in this challenge each participant is also given a different pattern or technique.  My technique for teal was reciprocal gradient.

I thought I would use a stamp to overlay the second gradient rather than the usual tape technique.  This also shows I couldn't make up my mind which pattern to use on the stamping plate so decided to use more than one.

More details after the jump.

The colours I used were:

Nina - Royal Pardon (dark teal)
China Glaze - Wait N' Sea (mid teal)
Barry M - Road Rage (light teal)

I started with a base of Road Rage on all the nails and sponged on the two darker colours to create the first gradient.  Next I used the Konad stamping plate m57 and applied blobs of all 3 colours at the side of each image before drawing the scraper across.  This allows the colours to merge together as they are pushed into the image and create a gradient.  The stamp was then applied to each nail with the gradient running in the opposite direction.

As a follow up to my post last week my son might be getting out of hospital for a little while next week, before he starts his second round of chemotherapy.  This means my post for next week might be done on nail tips instead of my own nails, as I am about to go and scrub the house from top to bottom.  Even wearing gloves seems to dry my nails out and they won't be a pretty sight.

To see what the other nail artists have created for this prompt click on the links below:


  1. Your manicure lets me think of the sea - lovely!


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