33 Day Challenge - Abstract

I'm playing catch up again so here is the first of a few posts for the 33 day challenge.

This is what I was inspired to create as an abstract look.

More details after the jump.

I started with two coats of Nina French White and onto this I lightly brushed: 

Yellow - Barry M Boots Limited Edition 2013 B
Orange - Barry M Gelly Mango
Blue - Barry M Cyan Blue
Green - Barry M Superdrug Limited Edition 2013 B
Pink - Barry M Boots Limited Edition 2013 A

I cut some random shapes out of masking tape and applied these to my nails.  Next I covered the nails with a coat of China Glaze Liquid Leather and peeled off the tape.  On my left hand I painted all my nails and then removed the tape, but on my right hand I removed the tape after painting each nail and I think this gave much cleaner outlines.

I covered all the nails with a coat of Nina Super Dry Top Coat to finish off.

To see what the other bloggers have created click on a link below:


  1. This looks great -- very unique! I love the random black shapes :)


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