33 Day Challenge Day 11 3D Nails

I'm not really one for sticking things on my nails as I use my hands so much.  Also my nails have quite a curve so getting anything to stay flat on them is a challenge.  I will admit to rushing this one as it's not my thing so I don't have too may supplies available to do any kind of 3D art.  What I did have was a little pot of caviar beads, but rather than plastering them all over the nail I have tried to be a bit more precise with the placement.  Apologies for the quality of the picture with this one too as I couldn't seem to get the lighting right.

More details after the jump.

This was created with a two coats of OPI You're a Pisa Work as a base.  I used a dotting tool for the flowers and Sally Hansen HD Hue.  I did one nail at a time and while the polish was still wet I used a cocktail stick with a small blob of orthodontic wax on the end to pick up the beads and place them on my nail.  I didn't top coat as the colour was likely to come off the beads as they were really cheap and I wasn't going to be wearing this look for long.

To see the much better efforts from the other bloggers click on a link below:


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