33 Day Challenge Day 6 Texture

Normally I would give a reference for my source of inspiration for a design but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the painting or the artist that inspired this one.  If you have any ideas please post them in the comments below.

More details after the jump.

I treated myself to a couple of the new Barry M Textured polishes.  I started with two coats of Barry M Lady, let it dry and applied striping tape in a higglty pigglty fashion.  Next I painted over 2 coats of Barry M Countess to contrast with the much lighter polish underneath.

These polishes are not only textured but really sparkly too.  The picture above shows off the sparkles better than the first. While I'm not a huge fan of textured polishes (especially the removal - I looked like I'd been squishing pixies with my bare hands during the removal) these are very pretty and very sparkly.  I haven't applied a topcoat to these as it would take away from the texture.  However I might consider a topcoat to increase the sparkle if I was wearing for a night out.

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  1. The textured polishes make it look stunning! The design is very elegant, it's beautiful :)


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