Blog Action Day 2013 - Human Rights

Bloggers around the world have signed up to take part in Blog Action Day.  This is an event each year to raise awareness around a particular issue.  This year the issue is Human Rights. One of the partners for this year's event is Amnesty International and their logo has inspired this design.

More about Blog Action Day, Amnesty International and the concept behind this design after the jump.

For more information about this event and to see what other bloggers have posted you can check out the official website here:   Blog Action Day.  You can also search on social media sites for the following tags #BAD2013, #HumanRights, #Oct16.

Amnesty International are a group which actively campaigns against the abuse of human rights internationally.  You can find out more information from their website:

I took the Amnesty International logo of a candle surrounded by barbed wire and extended the barbed wire across my other finger nails.  There is bright red, representing fresh blood, on the barbed wire is there to show that many people across the world are still struggling against human rights abuses.  The rainbow is there to represent hope and good that can come from shining a light on a problem and a nod (and show of solidarity) to the LGBT community who have featured in quite a few news stories recently about human rights abuses.  It is so much harder for human rights abuses to be committed when the world is watching!

This look was created with two coats of China Glaze Liquid Leather on my finger nails and two coats of China Glaze White on White on my thumb nail.  The design was painted with acrylic paint and a fine detail brush.  A coat of Barry M Gold Glitter was added around the top of the candle flame on my ring finger to make the flame stand out a bit more.


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