Ask A British Nail Blogger -Oldest Polish?

I am a member of the British Nail Bloggers group on Facebook.  It's a great place to get advice, share ideas and take part in challenges.  With a view to sharing information the group regularly sets an 'Ask a British Nail Blogger' question.

This time round the question is what is your oldest polish?  As much as I love painting my nails and playing with colour, until fairly recently my nail polish collection was practically non existent and compared to many I still have quite a modest collection. The oldest polish in the collection is only around 3 years old and it is a bottle of Collection 2000 (now just Collection) Bongo Beat a lovely dark metallic teal colour.  Unfortunately that polish has gone AWOL in my bedroom and I can't find it, so I don't have a picture but you can see it on the Collection website

More details after the jump.

As a teenager I used to paint my nails all the time, bright red, blue, black, purple, etc.  Water decals and nail stickers were popular and I spent many happy hours creating interesting pictures on my nails.

In my twenties I was a single mother and working as a Nursery Nurse. Nail polish wasn't practical for work.  In the holidays having a hyper active child running didn't leave me much time for myself so my polish collection dried up and got thrown out.

Now in my Thirties I've had a change of career and work in an office.  The hyper active child is all grown up and able to entertain himself, so I have more time for me.  However, I hate chipped nail varnish so it was something I largely avoided until about 3 years ago.  I was listening to  a radio adaptation of Christopher Isherwood's Goodbye to Berlin (the film and stage show Cabaret is based on this book) and it mentioned the green nail varnish the lead female character was wearing.  It sparked something in my brain that said "I must find and try out that colour."  After much searching Bongo Beat was the closest to how I imagined the colour so I had to buy it.

Since that little flash of inspiration I have slowly but surely been building up my collection of polish.    I acquired some stamping plates last December and a few different colours and glitter top coats.  But this snowballed in January this year when I found my nails were left yellow after removing some glitter polish and I vowed to keep them covered until they look presentable again.  I had planned on just covering them in a neutral polish until the nails grew in white again but while watching some You Tube videos I found out about fast dry top coat.  I could paint my nails and have them dry in a few minutes.  There has been no stopping me since and I've enjoyed it so much I have applied to attend evening classes starting in September at the local college to learn how to become a qualified nail technician.

Moral of the story - be careful with that purchase of nail polish, you never know where it might lead.

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  1. I loved reading this, great post!

  2. Ooh I may have to read that book :) glad you finally have some me-time to pamper yourself and your nails! Bx

  3. Thank you for sharing this story :) It was a wonderful read! Crazy how small things can lead to big things.


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