Funky Friday Nails - Doctor Who

First I would like to say welcome and thank you to all the new followers to my blog. This blog is to help showcase the designs I create and challenge me to come up with lots more interesting looks. I appreciate and am grateful for everyone that takes the time to support me by following the blog and/or leaving comments.

As Saturday sees the finale of the latest series of Doctor Who the nerd in me has been inspired. So this week’s Funky Friday nails have a Doctor Who theme.

More pictures and details after the jump.

 I really raided the stash for this look. I started with a base of Barry M Blue Moon on my thumb. Next I added in the jacket with Miss Sporty 2300(a mid brown) and painted on thin lines with Barry M Cappucino. The bowtie was painted using 17 Fury and I mixed together some Barry M Matt White with Blue Moon for the buttons. Once the brown polishes on the jacket had dried I painted on the collar detail with Barry M Venus Sunset. Finally I traced around all the features with a black Barry M Nail Art Pen.

For the tardis nail on my middle finger I started with a base of 17 Navy Glint. Once this had dried I added the main body of the tardis with NYC Ink Stain. Next I used a white Barry M Nail Art Pen to draw on the light, the sign at the top, the windows and notice on the doors. I also added some panels to the door (which aren’t very clear in the picture) with Barry M Denim. Once everything was dry I traced around the details with a black Barry M Nail Art Pen.


For the galaxy effect on my other nails was inspired by this tutorial by cutepolish on You Tube. I started with a base of Collection Midnight. Next I sponged on Barry M Matt White, Barry M Lemon Ice Cream, NYC Prospect Park Pink and Barry M Cobalt Blue. I added a few dots of Matt White around the sponged areas with a cocktail stick. Once everything was dry I covered the nails with a sparing coat of Barry M Diamond Glitter.

Now I just have to wait for the exciting final episode 'The Name of the Doctor' on Saturday night. While some people have been rather down on this latest series I have enjoyed it and I'm not really ready for it to end.  At least I’ll get to enjoy having these Doctor Who themed nails until Sunday night, when I have to change them for something more “work appropriate”. Hope you all have good weekend too!


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