World Ovarian Cancer Day - 8 May 2013

To show some support for the first World Ovarian Cancer Day I have created an Art Deco Look using Teal - as that is the colour for the day.

More details after the jump.

Ovarian Cancer can affect any woman and if caught early enough is treatable with a good chance of survival.  Unfortunately there are still many cases where the disease is not caught early and chances of surviving 5 years from the initial diagnosis are greatly reduced.  Early detection and treatment obviously need a lot more research and there are links in the graphic above for more information.

When it was suggested on Crumpet's Nail Tarts Facebook page that the members do a mani using teal to show their support and raise awareness for this day I thought "I can do that".  This is the finished result:

I used Barry M Teal as the base and stamped with Barry M Silver Foil over my index, ring and little fingers with Gals image plate GA35.  I filled in the little squares in the design with Barry M Red Glitter, Barry M Boots Limited Edition Silver Glitter and Barry M Gold Boots Xmas Limited Edition 2012.

The triangular design on my thumb and middle finger was created using the Barry M Nail Art pens in Black and Silver.  The red triangle is filled with Barry M Red Glitter and the gold dots were done with a cocktail stick and the Limited Edition Barry M Gold mentioned already.


  1. Great Post and love the designs on your nails :D

    1. Thanks. I love the look you have created for this using the colours from the poster.

  2. I am so happy to see people willing to try to help with ovarian cancer awareness! Thank you for posting on your blog information so women know what they are up against!
    Also, your design is great! I love to see how everyone comes up with different interpretations from similar colors!!


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