Monkey See Monkey Do Monday - Naughty and Nice

This is a look inspired by this Robin Moses tutorial on You Tube.   As this week sees the tri colour polish challenge as well I have broken out the false tips to paint these designs.  It was just too cute not to have a go at and I will definitely be having another go at this one on my real nails.

More details after the jump.

Starting with the 'nice' pair the shoes are Barry M Cyan Blue. while the socks and flower petals were painted on with a white Claire's nail art pen/brush.  The black lines were painted with a black Claire's nail art pen/brush and the silver dots on the socks and buckles were painted with silver Nailene Stripe FX. The flowers were finished with a dot of Barry M Yellow Ice Cream.  If I did this look again I may well do yellow and green dots on the socks to match with the shoes.
Next the 'naughty' pair.  The red was a base of Beauty UK Voodoo with 17 Ruby Dazzle over the top for added sparkle.  I felt the Ruby Dazzle was a bit too pink on it's own but the Voodoo certainly adds a bit more depth and richness to the colour.  The black lines and fishnets were painted on with a black Claire's nail art pen/brush.  The fishnets were drawn on with the pen to give a finer line while the thicker black lines were painted with the striper brush.  My lack of coffee really shows up in the one on the left. To add an extra shimmer to the fishnets, once the lines had dried, I covered them in Nailene Artist FX Sparkle Coat which has tiny pink iridescent glitter which can just be seen in the picture above. I didn't have any appropriate gems to stick on like the video so I added a bit of polish and holographic silver Nailene glitter.

Hope you like my efforts and there will be a few more posts as it is a challenge week.

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