MSMD Monday - Sunset Silhouette

I saw this mani at So You Beauty and had to give it a go.  The colour combination was one that had been in my head and I thought this was a great design to have a go at.

I wasn't sure that my nails would be long enough to pull off this design and I have a mani I'm not ready to take off yet, so I have broken out the falsies.  I bought some nail tips from Sally's to practice painting on, so I don't wear out my own nails with all the ideas I want to try out.  While this might be cheating a little bit I did start with a blank canvas and the painting was all done by me.

More details after the jump.

I used Barry M Bright Red as the base and stamped on some small butterflies from Gals plates GA31 and GA45 and Cheeky plate CH50.  For the grass at the bottom I used a black Claire's two way nail art pen and brush. For the final sparkle I used a very sparing application of Barry M Yellow Topaz glitter to highlight the grass and butterflies.


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