May Day Flowers

The nail art brushes got a bit of an airing for this one.  I wanted to create a nice, fresh spring look and couldn't find an image on any of my stamping plates that I thought would fit the bill, so I had to create something for myself.  Also I was feeling quite inspired after watching a few of Robin Moses ( tutorial videos on You Tube.  There are over 900 videos on this channel and it was quite difficult to tear myself away from the computer long enough to paint my own nails.  Robin describes the painting technique (how to place the brush and the pressure to apply, etc) as she creates the design, which is very helpful if you are new to nail art.  I need a lot more practice painting freehand designs on nails but I think this one turned out quite well.

Details of the polish used after the jump.

I love the way the Barry M pastel colours compliment each other and this time round I have used Barry M Mint Green and Peach Melba.  The flowers and leaves were painted freehand using some cheap nail art brushes I picked up from Amazon and the flower centres and highlights on the leaves are Barry M Gold Glitter.  Everything is covered with China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat to flatten the colours and make the glitter sparkle just a little bit more.

Originally I was going to use a yellow for the flower centres but I'm glad I decided to add a little bit of sparkle.  It really adds that extra something something to the look and reminds me of the sunshine that we're not getting at the moment.  The biggest compliment I've had on these nails so far is when I was asked if the design was a stamp.


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