31 Day Challenge Day 20 Water Marble

Many bloggers have a love/hate relationship with water marbling ie love the way it looks (when done successfully), hate having to use this technique as it is so darn difficult to perfect. I envy the people in the tutorial videos on You Tube who make it look so easy - drop some polish in a cup, drag a cocktail stick or dotting tool through it to create a pattern and perfectly place your nail in the polish to get the exact design you want on your nail. If only... This is my attempt for day 20 of the challenge.

More details and a bit of ranting after the jump.
Now I wasn't completely horrified with the way this turned out as it is a distinct improvement on my last attempt.  The first time I tried this technique I was full of confidence.  I'd watched the tutorials on You Tube and thought "that looks really easy".  The gloopy, splodgy mess that ended up on my nails proved differently.  Apart from my thumb nail I would probably choose a couple of the others as accent nails and paint a plain colour over the other designs.  Others have dressed up their water marbles to create some fantastic looks but I decided to leave the whole hand just as it came out.  

Most tips for carrying out this technique include getting the water to room temperature first and I suspect my house may be far too cold to get this to work properly.  But here's how I achieved the above look:

I used two coats of Nina French White as a base on each nail.  I had a trial run using Barry M Matt White, Bright Red and Gold Foil.  For the finished look I used only one drop of each as it got way too gloopy if I used more.  I started with white then red and finally gold and pulled a cocktail stick through the polish to create a pattern.  

This is definitely one that needs a lot more practice (and possibly a move to a warmer climate).

To see what the other bloggers have created for day 20 click on a link below.


  1. ugh I have tried to get this right myself. its not as easy as the gurus on youtube make out! I need to keep trying with water marble.good mani I like the colours xx

  2. I agree, water marbling is a LOT harder than it looks! Yours looks beautiful though, I love the red and gold together!


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