31 Day Challenge - Day 9 - Rainbow

When I got the idea for yesterday's metallic nails it led very quickly to this one.  I was going to add the jukebox in with the shoes but I thought there was room to work with it all on its own.  I call this look my eclectic rainbow jukebox.

More details and pictures after the jump.

The pictures have suffered from the use of flash, and the colours are a bit more gentle and blend together better in natural sunlight.

This look was mostly created using acrylic paints but there is a bit of polish in there too.  I started with two coats of Nina French White over all my nails.  On my fingers the rainbow is all paint and the musical notes are stamped using black Konad stamping polish and everything is covered with Nina Super Dry Top Coat.  I used the following image plates:
Index - Konad m22
Middle - PUEEN47
Ring - Konad m73
Little - Konad m73 (piano keys) and PUEEN47 (musical notes)

The Konad plates worked like a dream but I had a bit of trouble with Pueen plate 47.  It worked a bit better when I scraped the polish off the image horizontally rather than vertically but the image, the lines especially, didn't transfer to the stamping tool well at all.  Its a fantastic image so I was really disappointed by this little set back.

This picture has again suffered from the brightness of the flash.  After I had painted the base I created the rainbow lights around the edge of the nail and added a small layer of China Glaze Rainbow in the window area of the jukebox where the records are to give a lovely pearlized finish.  The black record at the top is China Glaze Liquid Leather applied using a dotting tool and for the records underneath I used a fine nail art brush to apply the polish.  The rest of the detail is acrylic paint applied with a very thin nail art brush.

I thought this would be a fun take on the rainbow theme and really enjoyed painting the design.  I need to perfect my painting of musical notes to give me more control over the designs that I want to include them in but at the moment I have some pretty good stamping plates to keep that covered.

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  1. Definitely fabulous. love the gradient effect (:

  2. omg omg omg so lovely! love it :D


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