33 Day Challenge Day 1 - Dots

When I first decided to participate in a challenge I came up an idea for dots and had to paint it while it was still in my head.  Apologies for the orange tone of the picture, I was still getting to grips with my camera when this was taken and hadn't quite mastered indoor night-time pictures.  I've seen this look done before but I had a couple of polishes I thought would really work together for this.

More details after the jump.

These are two of my favourite polishes China Glaze Frostbite (blue) and China Glaze Jamaican Out (orange).  I used a small nail art striper brush to paint on the stripes with the polish and a dotting tool to add the dots along the stripes. once these had dried I used a slightly smaller dotting tool to add the contrasting dots.

I wouldn't usually have combined these two polishes and I knew there was something familiar about the combination and it took me a while to place it. Then it hit me, it's the brand colours of Scotland's other national drink Irn Bru (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irn-Bru).  My son practically lives on this stuff so I'm forever finding cans around the house. It's no wonder the colour scheme has worked its way into my subconscious.


  1. This is cool, I love the lines of dots :)

  2. This technique is awesome, I've tried it once and it looked cool, kind of retro! I like it :)

  3. i love this pattern, I've really wanted to try something like this for ages (yet still I haven't!) Maybe when my nails have grown back a bit...

  4. love the colour combo, very bold x


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