31 Day Challenge Day 26 Inspired by a Pattern

I appear to be playing catch up again.  Prepare for lots of posts over the next couple of days and lots of colour.  Summer has come to an end and it is getting very grey and cold in this little part of the world so I decided my nails needed to be a lot more colourful.

I had a few ideas for this and I have maybe taken a few liberties interpreting the theme.  I have interpreted pattern as something you might see printed on fabric and I went for neon paint splatter on black.

More details after the jump.

I used two coats of China Glaze Liquid Leather for the base and then created the splatter effect with a dotting tool and polish that was starting to dry so it was thicker than normal when applying.

I used the following colours for the paint splatter:
Pink - China Glaze Sexy Lady
Orange - Barry M Gelly Mango
Yellow - Barry M Boots Limited Edition 2013 B
Green - Barry M Spring Green
Blue - Barry M Cyan Blue

To see what the other bloggers have created for Day 26 of the Challenge click on a link below:


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